Late last year Sheffield Property announced it was establishing an Asset Management division to support our existing office leasing business.

Sheffield has been entrusted with a number of new property and facilities management appointments including our most recent portfolio appointment on behalf of Meteorite Group comprising two 10,000 sqm plus A-Grade office buildings and adjoining hotel.

These significant management appointments are a testament to the integration of Sheffield Asset Management with our office leasing platform to provide our clients with a complete and experienced asset management service.

We have had a busy year implementing new management systems and processes that have been selected based on client feedback and the ability to be modified to suit future regulatory requirements.

Our management platform and reporting structure has been formed to comply with the stringent management requirements of the largest office asset and will be used across the management portfolio. Without the hassle of integrating into an existing management platform, this has allowed us to improve efficiency in communicating with owners, tenants and contractors.

We greatly appreciate the support of our clients in helping us create a personalised asset management platform. The platform ensures all directors of the firm are actively involved in achieving enhanced returns for our client’s property.

We would welcome the opportunity to present our asset management systems and capabilities to you. Please feel free ask us for more information and to provide a management and/or leasing submission when next reviewing your property portfolio.

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